4 December 2017

  • Added a line to clarify the order of the result codes in the result tag.

24 June 2017

9 June 2017

  • Added some time control tag examples provided by Igor Le Masson.

1 January 2016

  • Made some corrections and improvements to the FEN grammar, noted by Rein Halbersma.
  • Added an archived copy of the PDN 2.0 standard, since it is no longer available online.
  • Added Zimbabwean pool checkers.

3 May 2014

  • Changed the GameType tag for Jamaican draughts: A5 -> A1
  • Removed the vertical direction from the Notation field, since in all known cases the notation direction is horizontal.

30 April 2014

  • Added a test page for the GameType tag.
  • Corrected the description of the notation field of the GameType tag.
  • Made some corrections to the GameType table.
    • Pool checkers (unified): A1 -> A0
    • Turkish draughts: A1 -> A0

27 April 2014

  • Changed the result type of Frisian draughts to Default.

18 April 2014

  • Made some corrections to the gametype table, noted by Rein Halbersma.
    • Russian/Brazilian/Czech: A1 -> A0
    • Spantsiretti: N2 -> A0
    • Thai: black starts, and N1 -> N2
  • Added an improved description of move disambiguation, supplied by Ed Gilbert.
  • Added a section with proposals for the next version of the standard.

27 May 2013

  • Made some improvements to the gametype section, with the help of Jake Cacher.
    • Added game types Jamaican draughts and Pool checkers
    • Added some examples of the board layout of game types
    • Adapted the interpretation of the invert flag in the game type
    • Extended the notation flag of the game type, such that the Jamaican draughts notation is supported
  • Added an example for setup commands, supplied by Gérard Taille.
  • Added a proposal for the notation null moves, by Gérard Taille.

12 March 2012

  • Added a section about character encodings.
  • Adapted the allowed values for the Result tag, and added a ResultFormat tag that can be used to specify uncommon result values.
  • Added clk, mct, egt and emt embedded commands.
  • Added TimeControlWhite and TimeControlBlack tags for specifying individual time settings.
  • Added requirements for notation type and capture separators.
  • Adapted the grammars to allow alpha numeric moves without separator (a3b4).
  • Added documentation about when the full capture notation may/must be used.
  • Added requirement about disambiguation of ambiguous moves.
  • Added a comment that the empty string is always allowed for a PDN tag value.
  • Added line comments starting with a %.
  • Added FEN values with unknown color (specified using ?).
  • Updated the grammars.
  • Updated the PDN checker.