PDN Implementation

This section contains concrete examples of PDN grammars.


[DParser] is a C parser generator.


[Grammatica] is a java parser generator.

  • The Grammatica grammars are LL(1) grammars. They define a move as a token to make this possible.
  • The Grammatica grammars contain a workaround for move strengths, since the regular expressions in Grammatica do not behave correctly.

Toy Parser Generator

[TPG] is a python parser generator.

Test files

  • games.zip A collection of PDN games used for testing the grammars.
[DParser]DParser, a GLR parser generator written in C http://dparser.sourceforge.net/
[Grammatica]Grammatica, an LL parser generator written in java http://grammatica.percederberg.net/
[TPG]Toy Parser Generator, a parser written in python http://cdsoft.fr/tpg/